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As De-Ka Elektroteknik,

With our international brand and competitive power, as an organization, which aims to be the first choice of customers in the field of Power Cord and Cable Harness, while performing the activities of Power Cord and cable design, production and sales with the contributions of our Board of Directors and all our employees;

 *In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to make a difference in customer expectations by supporting entrepreneurship and creativity,

 *To improve our quality level and productivity by continuously improving our customer-oriented process approach,

 *To minimize the environmental impacts and to contribute to the protection of the environment,

 *For prevention of pollution originating from our facilities, for reduction of waste at its source and for ensuring waste recycling as much as possible,

 *To increase the efficiency of our consumption of natural resources, to provide reuse of wastes as much as possible, to be oriented to renewable energies,

 *To provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent the deterioration of the health of our employees and to prevent injuries,

 *To eliminate hazards and for reduction of Work Safety and Health Risks,

 *To perform works that are oriented to raise awareness of all our employees and our related parties about the integrated management system,

 *To continuously improve our system, to identify a way for employees and employee representatives to consult and participate,

 *To continuously increase our environmental, occupational safety and quality performances,

 *To comply with all compliance obligations arising from management standards and other conditions within the scope of the integrated management system,

We are committed to continuing our studies and investments to fulfill the requirements of this policy and our occupational safety, quality and environmental responsibilities with all our employees;

We undertake to continue our works and investments uninterruptedly.


The Quality Management System of DE-KA, aiming to meet customer demands and expectations, respond to the changes swiftly and adapt to the global market, has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System issued by TSE since 1996 for securing the product and service quality it provides. Our Quality Management System certificate is valid in 36 countries affiliated with IQ NET which system certification establishments are incorporated into.

Download ISO 9001 Certificate